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The Executive MBA program

C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\New folder (2)\e-learning2.jpgPIMAR has developed the Executive MBA program with an awareness of the complexity in today’s international market place and the certainty that successful business models require a very special approach. This philosophy is present in our attitude, our vision, and in our understanding of how to develop professionals in this environment. At PIMAR we view management as an on-going behavioural process. A guiding principle of the program is to provide students with the keys to fully develop their career to its full potential.

The EMBA program is based on a philosophy of excellence in education through an integrated and applied curriculum, to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills to successfully lead organizations in a dynamic, borderless, and global setting environment.

Program Objectives

The PIMAR Online Executive MBA trains top business managers with a deep understanding of today's important business issues. This 12-month, 10 credit post graduate degree program is taught via live interactive online, distance learning sessions. The program also includes face to face sessions from time to time.

The EMBA program objectives are to:

  • Equip students with a set of core competencies and skills that underlie business leadership in a dynamic, borderless and global setting
  • Enable students to understand the vital role that economic, cultural, sociological, psychological, and technological environments play in business
  • Enhance students' critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Create a broader understanding of most current business theories, concepts and practices to obtain a more global perspective of business

Learning Outcomes

Executive MBA will transform your career in ways that extend far beyond traditional measures of return on investment. The degree you earn will position you to compete your career, and will provide added value for both you, and your organization. You will improve your analytical, decision-making, implementation, and presentation skills, and develop a new way of thinking that will become integral to everything you do.

On completing the Online Executive MBA you will:

  • Master the necessary knowledge, skills, and behavior to become a top-level manager
  • Be able to apply models and theories immediately in your career
  • Become an efficient problem-solver and a well-informed and creative manager
  • Gain confidence and the skills to excel in a rapidly changing global world
  • Master innovation and entrepreneurial skills
  • Become confident users of distant management and communication tools, through extensive experience of
  • Virtual team-work on an online platform


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